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Tobin's Plan

"We provide transportation, parking and lodging assistance to families of children undergoing cancer treatment" 

Making a Difference

When Tobin found out his brain tumor would not stay away he was 19 years old and starting his second year in college studying to become a pediatric oncologist. He realized he would not have time to become a doctor or even be able to get his EMT license.

He said he wanted to make a difference NOW. In his next breath he said he wanted to open a non-profit to help families of children fighting cancer with their travel and lodging expenses. He was quite familiar with the incredible cost of fighting cancer and the expenses that insurance does not cover.

I told him that we could do this, and

We’ll Get This! was born.

Darcy Creswell

In Tobin's Own Words

"Make a Difference NOW!" - Tobin Creswell  July 5, 1996 - May 2, 2017  

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