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Tobin's Team

Madison Schenk

Hi, my name is Madison Schenk and I met Tobin when I was 7 years old, he was 9 at the time. My older sister was friends with him first and after I met him we all became inseparable. We grew up playing outside, riding mopeds, making funny videos, and everything else you could think of. As we got older we got closer. I considered him to be one of my best friends, my family. Who knew you could love someone so much? There was actually a whole year after he went to college where he'd come home on Thursdays and from that day to Sunday we'd be together. Every weekend. Life with him was a never ending party, we used to make each other laugh till we peed. Man, was he funny, he had me laughing even in his last couple days. He gave me an amazing 12 years of friendship, and as life goes on Tobin will forever be a huge part of me. He helped shape me into the person I am today and for that I will be forever grateful! Here's to the T. 💚

Kaitlyn Schenk

My name is Kaitlyn Schenk and Tobin and I became inseparable by the time we were 9. Tobin was and is still my best friend and my ultimate rock, with Tobin's last wish to kick off his non profit I knew I had to be there to see his dream through. Tobin and I loved many things but music, food and laughing until we cried were always our favorites.

Erika Alvarado

Erika is an ovarian cancer survivor and although her journey was tough she wouldn't change anything about her diagnosis because cancer brought her one of her closest friends; Tobin.
Tobin and Erika met through another non-profit and immediately became close friends. Erika called Tobin her "cancer brother" and they both helped each other through some trying times. "The one thing that I need people to know about Tobin is that he was genuine. Whether he was in a room full of high profile people with status and credentials, or at a coffee shop with a bunch of college students; Tobin was the same person. He made everyone feel loved and important. When he was with you he was all in, no distractions. He had an immense respect for people's time and was appreciative of everyone who would make the time to have a meal with him or spend an afternoon in lounge wear and Netflix. My life instantly became better when I met Tobin and I always felt that no matter what life threw my way, so long as I had Tobin I would be okay. It's hard to imagine how the rest of my life will go without my person, but in order to honor his legacy I will do my best to commit my time to We'll Get This and most importantly, keep his memory alive...always."

Ilse Geldenhuys Rew

I can’t remember exactly how I met Tobin; I just feel like he was always part of my life. He had (and still has) a powerful and positive impact on everyone that met him or learned his story. At the “We’ll Get This” launch in April 2017, Tobin sat beside me on the couch, watching everyone he loved being pulled in so many directions. He took my phone and typed: “You need to be the a**hole and help them when I’m gone.” So, here I am. 

Ilse is an independent business consultant that specializes in business turnarounds.

Daisia Holmes

Tobin and I grew close during our first year of principles of health science class. From then on we began to spend more time together outside of school and discovered that we had a lot more in common than we thought. I realized that I needed him in my life. Anytime we were together there were endless laughs and memories made. Majority of our time was spent riding around in his mustang singing on the top of our lungs to every song we could think of. He was my number one supporter. Even when I thought I couldn't do something, he believed in me. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be the person I am today and for that I will love him always and will forever be grateful. We both wanted similar things in life and I hope to carry on what he started and follow in his footsteps continuing to help others. If theres anything I can take from our time together, it'd be that no matter how small you
 think you are in this world, you're big enough to make a difference. Letting the world know you were here.

Katie Engallina

This was the last picture we took together. During spring break. I feel like we should say something like, Tobin had a way of making everyone feel like his best friend and that we all held a special place within his heart. Makes it interesting?

Amy Beall

I've known Tobin since he and my daughter were in the third grade. It's incredible how someone can come into our life and change our viewpoint on things. Tobin always wanted to make a difference in this world... I take great pleasure in helping to ensure that his dream comes true!

Terri Desilva

Tobin and I had an instant connection because of cancer. He finished his treatments as I started mine. He was just a kid he was 12 but he knew exactly what I was going through. Doctors can tell you what to expect and what they're going to do but only another cancer patient can tell you what it feels like. Tobin new very early on one he wanted to help kids going through what he went through. When we lost Tobin here on Earth the world lost a kindred spirit that was going to do big things in this world.

Lucy Schoolfield

Tobin made life interesting. I am so lucky to have had him as a lab partner.

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"Make a Difference NOW!" - Tobin Creswell  July 5, 1996 - May 2, 2017  

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